Las Vegas Machinegun Experience

The Ultimate Vegas Vacation Tour!

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...the experience of a lifetime that you will never forget



Welcome to the Vegas Machine Gun Experience!

When planning a trip to Las Vegas for a bachelor party, weekend getaway or just a little of the Vegas nightlife, make time to enjoy a little of the Southern Nevada landscape.  We offer a Machinegun Adventure Tour that will allow you to experience some of today's state-of-the-art military and law enforcement firearms in addition to weapons from battlefields of days gone by. The firearms available for the Tour range from World War II, The Korean War, The Vietnam War, Operation Desert Storm to the current operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Additionally, some of these firearms are currently in use by special forces and elite police units around the world. 

Your machinegun adventure will supervised by current and/or former US military personnel and law enforcement officers. Eye and ear protection will be provided and MUST be used at all times. Depending on the date, the location for the adventure will either be the Clark County Shooting Park or Boulder City Rifle and Pistol Club.






Henderson Defense Industries, LLC
Holding a Class 02 SOT and 07 Federal Firearms License, we are fully licensed to possess all of the firearms we rent. If you are from a law enforcement agency and would like a free firearms demonstration for the possible purchase for your department, please contact us at your earliest convenince.

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